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NAFA Staff

IRI Issues Second-Quarter 2015 Annuity Sales Report

Variable Annuity Sales Increase Sharply, VA Net Assets Approaching $2 Trillion Mark; Fixed Indexed Annuity Sales Record Second Strongest Quarter Ever The Insured Retirement ...
NAFA Staff

Former Iowa Insurance Deputy Commissioner Mumford Dies

Former Iowa Insurance Deputy Commissioner Jim Mumford has passed away. Well-known for his fair and balanced approach to annuity regulation and unwavering commitment to putting ...
Peggy Porter
mobile marketing

Is Mobile Marketing Powering Your Business?

Take a moment to look up from checking your email while out and about. Those around you are likely doing the same as you. Necks are bent over. Eyes are locked on the screens ...
Michelle Davidson
Me-Too salesperson

Don’t Be a ‘Me-Too’ Salesperson

This article originally appeared on RainToday My 30th high school reunion is coming up. (Gasp! How can I be that old?) And it has me remembering what it was like during ...
Marvin Feldman

Use the Power of Hollywood to Get the Life Insurance Message Out

It’s easy to participate in September’s Life Insurance Awareness Month campaign, especially with the support of celebrity spokesperson Anthony Anderson. How often do ...
JD Clockadale
more prospects

Build Rapport & Connect with More Prospects to Have a Larger Pipeline

If we have a strong personal or professional relationship with someone, we are more apt to listen to someone’s ideas and perspective. In short, relationship determines ...
Bill Cates
power of personal why

Tap into the Power of Your Personal “Why”

Your Secret Weapon to Differentiation in a Look-Alike Marketplace Because your Personal Why helps people feel more engaged with you, it goes a long way in influencing ...
Maribeth Kuzmeski
statements 1

Elevator Statements and Brochures Don’t Work

Some marketing is simply not effective. In fact, marketing can actually have the opposite effect from what is desired. Case in point – the company brochure or even ...
Judy Hoberman
Judy H 1

Niche Marketing – Small Is Better

In business, we often think that the bigger the market you are working with, the more profitable you will be.  Well, that cannot be further from the truth. When I ask other ...
NAFA Staff
true story of life insurance

The No. 1 Reason People Don’t Buy Life Insurance and Why They are Wrong

“It’s too expensive!” is the common refrain when Americans are asked why they don’t get the life insurance protection they need. But—and it’s a big but—80 ...