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Philip Hudgins Appointed President of InVida Financial Network

Company Also Announces Management Team Addition InVida Financial Network (InVida) has appointed insurance industry veteran Philip Hudgins as President. In this capacity, ...
Glenda Bean and Maureen James
Where's the risk

Annuity Advertising

Where’s the Risk Today? We know the value a fixed annuity product can add to a well-rounded retirement portfolio. Annuities are gaining national attention and acceptance ...
Bill Cates
elavator speech

Is Your Elevator Speech Hurting Your Business? Replace it with Your Authentic Value PropositionTM

This blog article is excerpted from Bill Cates’ newest book, Beyond Referrals. Fundamental to your business success is your ability to discover, articulate, and communicate ...
Michael Goldberg
A time to sell

A Time to Sell

I recently got a LinkedIn invitation from a sales producer from a client company. Since I was familiar with the company, I accepted it. Here’s the response I received. Thank ...
Judy Hoberman

Passion as a Strategy for Your Business

Many people launch a business around an idea that excites them at the time or may seem like a lucrative opportunity. Yet, all too often they seem to lose interest when they ...
Andrew Sobel
8 essential things

8 Essential Things Clients Wish You Would Give Them

This article was originally published in Andrew Sobel’s newsletter Client Loyalty. Over the last 15 years, I’ve interviewed over 1,000 senior corporate executives about ...
Chip Anderson
Chip Anderson

NAFA Fights to Protect Your Business

Message from NAFA First and foremost, I’d like to thank the industry for the warm welcome I received as I assumed the post of Executive Director at NAFA on May 1. Working ...
Stephanie Holmes-Winton
Money mindsets

How Your Clients’ Money Mindsets Effect Your Business

We all like to pretend that we make logical decisions. What really happens is that most human beings make emotional decisions first and later justify them with logic after ...
Rod Mims
7 ways to create

7 Ways to Create a P.U.R.E. Presence Online

The Internet never sleeps, and having an online presence gives your business a virtual 24-hour showroom. It allows potential customers from near and far to research your ...
Harry Stout
Top 10

The Top 10 Reasons Consumers Love Income Riders

David Letterman recently retired after over 30 years on television and over 6,000 shows. During his late-night comedy career, he brought entertainment innovation, creativity ...